Lyrics that will make your song memorable!

Ever had a song strike a cord in your heart? Do you still remember its lyrics? Your next song can incite the same sentiments in its listeners. Exceptional lyrics are what elevate you from being just a songwriter to having your name etched in musical history. The writers at The Ghostwriting Services specialize in writing lyrics that will leave a mark on the hearts of your listeners.


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Let us help you with your next song writing project!

You could be a genius at understanding melody or playing instruments but still struggle with writing songs. It’s okay; a lot of musicians do! Even some of the greatest singers have taken songwriting help from ghosts and peers. There’s no shame in admitting it to yourself when something’s not your forte—but we’re also not asking you to advertise it. Instead, we are here to help you still produce lyrics that people will want to listen to over and over again.

Our team at TGS comprises of songwriters and lyricists who have worked with some of the most known artists in the industry. They are geniuses when it comes to composing music and can help you come up with the words to a tune you’ve created or write words that can spark your creativity and inspire you to work on a new melody. Whichever way your process goes, our song writers for hire can tweak their working style to match yours!

Need an expert songwriter to help put down words for your tunes?

Reach out to our expert lyric writers at The Ghostwriting Services! We will write meaningful lyrics for your melodies to elevate your songs!

Our 4-Step Process for Your Ghost Writing Book Project

Signing on for our eBook ghostwriting services is the beginning of a smooth journey that ends with you being a published author! We assign milestones along the way so you can track your progress as you go.

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Creating a project scope

The first step is creating a project scope for your book so you are on the same page as our team. This outline serves as a skeleton to guide our writing team.

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Chapter-wise writing

Once we begin the ghostwriting process, we make chapter-wise deliveries to ensure we get your feedback on every aspect of the chapter before we continue on.

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Proofreading and formatting

Upon the completion of the book, our expert proofreaders thoroughly revise the content before assigning it to the formatting team to get your book publish-ready!

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With the final file approved by you and vetted by us, it’s published onto the desired platforms—Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, etc.—ready to generate sales!

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Experienced songwriters to help you create a chart-topper!

Every musician dreams of seeing their song on the Billboard Hot 100! And while it may seem like something that’s unattainable, we’re here to tell you otherwise. Many first-time singers and musicians have bagged a coveted spot there—and you can too! All you need are the right words that complement your tunes and release a zinger that people can’t get out of their heads!

Here are the types of songs are writers excel in writing

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Why Choose Us?

At TGS, we don’t just have writers who have an ear for music writing your lyrics for you; instead, we have people actually linked with the music industry who understand its ins and outs. Our lyricists are more than just people with good music taste and exceptional writing skills—although that’s a must. They have studied music theory and curate song lyrics for each client in a way that guarantees success.

No matter your music genre, we have writers who excel in everything from Hip-Hop to R&B to Indie to Jazz, Pop, and more! Working with us means you’ll be seeing your song as a chart-topper and even get nominated for awards—perhaps a Grammy? And we’re not just saying it! Our team has worked with famous celebrities and artists of the day who have gone on to bag laurels for tunes we helped them bring to life with our words! We offer

  • Original lyrics that complement your tune
  • Multiple revisions on the lyrics
  • Writers who understand music theory

Finding the right words to a tune can be hard!

Except when you work with our gifted songwriters! With a deep understanding of music, they can help you create inspirational music!

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Only if you trust someone with that information yourself! On our end, you’re protected by our iron-clad privacy policy that makes sure that any services we offer will remain confidential!

No matter how talented our writers are, we know that the project is only a success when you’re satisfied. In that vein, we offer multiple revisions on the content until you give it the green light.

As per our process, once you sign on, we will put you on a call with our writer so you can relay your requirements to them. Once you and the writer are on the same page, we will send you the first update about your song in the next 48 hours!

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Well, look no further. Our writers have the ability to capture your authentic voice without losing their creative knack.