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Do you have any ideas that would make for excellent television? Or maybe you have a concept for a movie that you know will be a blockbuster? Regardless of the platform, our talented screenwriters can help you produce a great story! Many of the screenplays by our authors have been picked up for production; yours may be the next!


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Exceptional screenplays for movies and television!

The precise components required to write a screenplay are only known to seasoned professionals. To provide our clients with excellent screenplay ghostwriting services, The Ghostwriting Services has a team of talented screenplay ghostwriters. They are knowledgeable about all the factors involved in writing the finest films and tv screenplays.

Our writers are aware of every element—from the subject to the storyline, the scene heading to the characters, the language to the transitions and directions—that makes up a fantastic screenplay. If you want to collaborate with us, our writers will use your idea as the foundation for a that guarantees your creativity is highlighted.

Are you trying to find a ghostwriter for a screenplay?

Then you’re in the right place! We have a large team of writers that specialize in writing screenplays. They can also draft one for you.

Our 4-Step Process for Your Ghost Writing Book Project

Signing on for our eBook ghostwriting services is the beginning of a smooth journey that ends with you being a published author! We assign milestones along the way so you can track your progress as you go.

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Creating a project scope

The first step is creating a project scope for your book so you are on the same page as our team. This outline serves as a skeleton to guide our writing team.

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Chapter-wise writing

Once we begin the ghostwriting process, we make chapter-wise deliveries to ensure we get your feedback on every aspect of the chapter before we continue on.

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Proofreading and formatting

Upon the completion of the book, our expert proofreaders thoroughly revise the content before assigning it to the formatting team to get your book publish-ready!

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With the final file approved by you and vetted by us, it’s published onto the desired platforms—Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, etc.—ready to generate sales!

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Hire screenplay writers that are the best in the industry!

We are aware of how challenging it is to submit a screenplay that will spark immediate interest. The authors at The Ghostwriting Services have years of expertise and are privy to any industry secrets that can help make your screenplay stand out. We’re here to make sure your film or show gets approved right away!

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Why Choose Us?

For you, our staff will go above and beyond to produce a flawless, error-free screenplay-writing process. We’ll examine the requirements of your screenplay and determine the best course of action to assist you in meeting deadlines and staying within your budget. As soon as we get this info, we’ll add your order to our database and assign a screenplay writer to it. This person will research your subject thoroughly and provide an outline for the screenplay.

All genres of screenplays can be written by our competent ghostwriters. No matter the genre or type of your screenplay, we can write it for you. We’ve collaborated with several clients to write unique screenplays! And we can do it for you too! We offer

  • Custom screenplays
  • A feedback-based process
  • Original content

Do you have a concept for a screenplay that would be fantastic?
Discuss it with our writers! They are masters at turning interesting ideas into exceptional screenplays that will pique the interest of the right people!

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Writing a great screenplay might take anything from a few weeks to a few months, depending on whether you want a screenplay for a movie or a television show, the length of your project, and the amount of research it needs.

You can absolutely draw inspiration from a piece that is in the public domain if that’s what your screenplay concept is based on. You cannot, however, base your screenplay on a book whose movie and tv rights are owned by someone else.

The original plan for production is called a script. It has elements like dialogues and actions but does not contain crucial directions for camera angles, etc. A screenplay is essentially a step up from a script because it is the project's finished blueprint.

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