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From Raw Drafts to Award-Winning Books: Our Horror Book Writers Deliver Results

Have an idea for a horror story but can’t seem to get beyond a raw draft? Want to brainstorm with someone who’s worked on multiple manuscripts to flesh out your story idea and turn it into an award-winning book? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced team of horror story writers has worked on hundreds of manuscripts and has the ability to take any story idea and bring it to fruition.

As you sign up with us, we will not only take your idea and write the story for you but also involve you in the process throughout the plot-setup stage. With the help of an outline, our assigned writer will relay the finished story idea to you, and after getting your insights and approval write the book for you as you desire.

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Scare Your Readers with Our Expert Horror Story Writers!

Get spine-chilling stories that will keep your readers on edge. Hire our horror writers now!

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Our 4-Step Process For Your Horror Book Writing Project

Our horror book writing services offer a seamless journey from idea to publication. We set milestones along the way, allowing you to track your progress and take control of your book.

Defining the project scope

We begin by defining the scope of your horror book project, ensuring we share a clear understanding of your vision. This outline serves as the backbone of our writing process.p>

Chapter-wise writing

Our ghostwriting process includes chapter-wise deliveries, allowing you to provide feedback on every aspect of the chapter before we move forward.

Proofreading and formatting

Once the book is complete, our expert proofreaders thoroughly revise the content, ensuring its accuracy and readability. We then format it to meet publishing standards.


After your final approval, we publish your horror book on the desired platforms - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, etc. - ready to captivate your readers and generate sales.

Hire Expert Horror Story Writers to Give Your Readers Nightmares

Get your readers hooked with our top-rated horror writing services. Hire our horror fiction writers today!

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Scare Up Success with Our Horror Story Writers for Hire

Do you want to be known as the next master of the macabre but don’t know how to finish your first horror story? Whether it’s because of burn-out, lack of time, writer’s block, or just an inability to write, our writers can help take the stress of making your book a success off your shoulders. At The Ghostwriting Services, our team will take your story at whatever stage it is and prepare a polished, publish-ready manuscript that will help you make the bestseller list.

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Here are some horror sub-genres you can explore

Horror is a genre that has a lot of sub-genres, each with their own unique style and flavor. From ghost stories to psychological thrillers, there are a variety of ways to scare your readers. Some popular horror sub-genres include paranormal, supernatural, slasher, zombie, and Gothic horror. If you're looking to hire horror story writers, it's important to find someone who specializes in the type of horror you want to write. At The Ghostwriting Services, our horror book writers have expertise in all of these sub-genres and more.

Hire The Best Horror Writers To Bring Your Terrifying Stories To Life!

As a company dedicated to creating custom writing experiences for all clients at The Ghostwriting Services, we have writers who specialize in all niches, including horror writing. Through a careful process, we select a writer with the right kind of experience to work on your project and ensure that they bring their creativity to the front without compromising on the tone.

At all stages during the creation of your masterpiece, you hold the reigns of your manuscript. We highly value the feedback and insight of our clients. It is your book, and nobody knows it better than our team! We want you to have your name on a book that will make you proud and etch your name next to the literary greats! We offer

  • A dedicated project manager
  • A genre-specific writer
  • A feedback-based process

Comments From Our Satisfied Clients

We Have Helped Many Authors Realize Their Dreams. Here's What They Have To Say.

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David Carter

"The team at The Ghostwriting Services has done an excellent job writing my action book. They were very professional and delivered everything on time without any delays. I wanted someone to write my the idea that had been in my head for a long time, and they did a great job. My readers loved the story, and I'm glad I chose to work with them."

Mark Abbate

"Thank you so much for the amazing book you edited for me. It was easy to work with you, and the style of your editors for hire was exactly what I had hoped for. I recommend you to anyone who needs a book reviewed and edited quickly!"

Dr. Edith Mok

"I recently ordered a self-help book from The Ghostwriting Services . The book is now published and doing well. They took care of everything for me, including designing the cover art and uploading the files to the appropriate retailers. I'd highly recommend them to anyone who wants professional nonfiction book writing service."

Get Spine-Chilling Stories With Expert Horror Writers. Hire Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply: no. At The Ghostwriter Services, we hold the confidentiality of our clients very dear. Once you sign on with our company for a ghostwriting project, we sign a nondisclosure agreement to maintain the utmost privacy of your content. Our writers are hired after extensive background checks and understand that confidentiality is a core value of our brand.
Depending on how fleshed out your original idea is, how long it takes to approve an outline and the proceeding chapters, the length of the book, and the number of changes to your plot, a 300-page manuscript can take anywhere from 3-8 months to finish.
We don’t own any rights to your work. While we do help you put it out there, we acknowledge that it is your project and that all rights belong to you.

Professional Horror Book Writers for Hire

Don't let your horror book suffer! Hire our professional horror writers and publish a masterpiece that will keep readers up all night.

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