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Your book’s print quality adds to the reading experience! Books that look good, are well-formatted and are printed on quality paper have better chances of doing well. If that’s what you want for your next book project, then you’ve come to the right place. At The Ghostwriting Services, we believe in adhering to all the standards that will guarantee your book’s success.


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Make your book printing dream a reality with The Ghostwriting Services

Don’t think digital books give the same feel as printed books? While eBook is a growing industry, and we completely support the digitalization of the literary industry, we understand where you’re coming from. This is why we have a very strong print publishing department at The Ghostwriting Services. Our team will work with you on your manuscript to help it meet the printing standards without the extra red tape that traditional publishing companies subject you to.

With us, you are the master of your book. Everything from the trim size to the quantity of paper and the type of binding is a decision we leave up to you. Of course, if this is your first time publishing, our team will walk you through the process and guide you step by step as you make these choices. However, ultimately, the book is your project, and your word is our gospel as long as it doesn’t violate any publishing standards!

Don’t know how to get your book printed?

Are you looking for a printing service to get your manuscript out to the world? Then reach out to us now and let us help you get started on your road to literary success.

Our 4-Step Process for Your Ghost Writing Book Project

Signing on for our eBook ghostwriting services is the beginning of a smooth journey that ends with you being a published author! We assign milestones along the way so you can track your progress as you go.

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Creating a project scope

The first step is creating a project scope for your book so you are on the same page as our team. This outline serves as a skeleton to guide our writing team.

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Chapter-wise writing

Once we begin the ghostwriting process, we make chapter-wise deliveries to ensure we get your feedback on every aspect of the chapter before we continue on.

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Proofreading and formatting

Upon the completion of the book, our expert proofreaders thoroughly revise the content before assigning it to the formatting team to get your book publish-ready!

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With the final file approved by you and vetted by us, it’s published onto the desired platforms—Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, etc.—ready to generate sales!

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Let us help you save costs on your next book with print-on-demand!

Printing books in bulk not only cost a lot, but they put the added stress of making sure you have distribution channels set to sell those copies—if you fail to sell them, that’s essentially a loss of a lot of money. Here at The Ghostwriting Services, we offer a print-on-demand service. This means that your book get printed and dispatched once someone has already bought it off a platform—such as Amazon.

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Why Choose Us?

Although we pride ourselves on being one of the pioneers of the eBook industry, The Ghostwriting Services started out with a strong print-publishing department. We have a competent QA team who works very closely with a formatting team to get your book print-ready. Everyone on our team, from the editors to the formatters and the publishers, is an expert with years of experience. As a company that’s dedicated to print publishing, we offer the best quality service at the most reasonable prices to ensure that printing your book does not break the bank.

If you want to purchase our services, we will edit and format your text to appear beautiful when it is printed using our knowledge and experience. We take pleasure in the calibre of our work and back it all up. We offer:

  • Quality printing
  • Industry-standard formatting
  • Creative book covers

Are you looking for a professional book printing service?

Then your search is over. We have the best experts in the market for print publishing who will help you put your book on the shelf!

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Yes. Once your book is ready for printing and before we process your bulk printing order, we will send you one copy for proofing. Once you provide us with your final feedback, we will process your order of the 200 copies.

We assign dedicated account and project managers to each client. You can proof your book and send your changes to the manager assigned to your project. They will ensure that these changes are implemented before we process your printing order.

Every book project is unique. Your project’s timeline will vary as a result. The length of time depends on a variety of factors, such as how quickly you proof the book and the package you’ve opted for.

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