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Keepsakes For The Newborn: What To Write In A Baby Shower Book

What to Write in a Baby Shower Book–Top Creative Ideas

A baby shower book is a thoughtful and fun gift for loved ones beginning a new chapter in their lives. It’s a good start for new parents to expand on their children’s book collection. For parents, baby showers are a significant celebration, and presenting them with a baby shower book that has fun and inspiring notes for the baby and parents is highly appreciated.

Whether you’re attending a traditional baby shower or a themed one, a heartfelt note is irreplaceable. And you don’t even have to write one or two. You can add plenty of inspiring and lovable messages to make the book a treasured keepsake that parents and their children will cherish for life.

While picking a book is easier, crafting the right message can be a little challenging, especially if you’re writing it for the little one you haven’t yet met. You want the message to be complete, meaningful, and even funny. So if you’re in a similar dilemma, we’ve got you covered.

This blog talks about:

  • What is in a baby shower book
  • Certain techniques to make the process simpler
  • Examples to help you pick the right messages

What’s a Baby Shower Book About?

So before you jump to what to write in a baby shower book, you need to know what it is all about. Well, a baby shower book will essentially be any children-appropriate book that guests will bring as a baby shower gift. Often, this is requested by parents in the shower invitation. They mention ‘books for baby’ on the invite so all the guests can bring it as a gift for their new baby.

During their early life, most children are introduced to bedtime stories—parents read to them until, eventually, the children can read them themselves. It’s a very smart and fitting request from parents to start building their child’s library before they’re even born.

Books are not only thoughtful but also intellectual gifts. It helps little kids develop a likeness toward reading and learning. To make it even more thoughtful, as a loved one, you’re expected to include a personalized message for the new baby.

It not only gives an identity to the book as to who the giver is but is also a great token of love. It’s a great replacement for traditional cards, especially with a personalized note inside the cover.

What to Write in a Baby Shower Book for Parents to Be

There are many things to write in a baby book, but you first need to know if you’re writing it for the parents-to-be, the baby, or both. While the book is for the baby, it’s the parents who will read it first. They will go through all the notes before reading them out to the kids.

Having a few lines for the parents is a sweet gesture. So if you’re putting in the effort of crafting the right message for the baby shower book, start thinking about what to say to the parents first.

Here are some one-liners that you can write for the parents:

  • “Just like you, we’re very excited to meet the baby.”
  • “It’s a joy to watch you two starting your journey as parents. You guys will be wonderful.”
  • “We pray the little one brings love and joy to your perfect family.”
  • “You both will make excellent parents.”
  • “Your baby is blessed to have you both as her parents.”
  • “We’re so lucky to have your growing family a part of our lives.”
  • “Congratulations on adding this bundle of joy to the family.”
  • “Parenting is the most challenging yet most rewarding feeling in this world.”
  • “Dear new parents, you will learn everything with time!”
  • “Your little world is about to get awesome with two little feet.”

Feel free to twist the words around and add your emotion to the message for the parents.

What to write in a Baby’s Book for the Baby

Now comes the real part: writing for the baby!

Depending on your relationship with them, there are many things to write in a baby shower book. You can add beautiful quotes, summarize the book in a meaningful way and associate it with the child—funny quotes, religious messages, and so forth; the possibilities are endless. This is where you can be creative and emotional at the same time.

If you’re planning to draft something original, consider the relationship you share with the parents-to-be. Put some thought into finding the right words because it may be something the child will keep very close to his heart.

This may be what your relationship in the future depends on. Consider it your introduction to the baby, and put enough effort into making sure it leaves a lasting impact. Check out the interesting examples below and take inspiration to write the perfect message for the little one in the baby’s book.


Heartfelt Messages for the Baby – Examples

Writing a lovable note from your heart is an excellent way to begin:

  • “Little one, we haven’t met you, but you’re already loved. Imagine all the love we will have for you in our hearts when we see you. Can’t wait!”
  • “Little booties, baby toys, cute smiles, baby joys. Can’t wait to hold you in my arms.”
  • “You are surely the most precious gift in all our lives.”
  • “Tiniest feet make the biggest footprints in your hearts.”
  • “Looking forward to the adventure you will bring in all our lives.”
  • “Know that little one, you will pray for, longed for, and will forever be loved.”
  • “We’re waiting to lay our eyes on you and watch you grow into a beautiful human being.”

Funny Messages for the Baby – Examples

A humorous message with a touch of sweet flavor is another great way to express what you feel:

  • “We know, only the first 18 years are difficult.”
  • “Are you really gonna be a little bundle of joy or a little bundle of trouble – we can’t wait to find out.”
  • “Having you will be a life-changing experience, also requiring multiple baby wipes and tons of new outfits.”
  • “We always knew sleep is overrated. We’re preparing your parents for the same.”
  • “Little hands, little feet, and big troubles – welcome to the world champ.”

Messages for a Little Girl – Examples

If you’re writing a loved-filled message for a little girl, these ideas are great for inspiration:

  • “Our bundle of joy will be wrapped in pink.”
  • “You, little one, will be tiny but courageous. I can already sense your fierceness.”
  • “Little princess, waiting for you desperately so we can spoil you.”
  • “Can’t wait to dress you in bows and tutus.”
  • “Sugar, spice, and everything nice – Waiting for your arrival, little princess.”

Messages for a Little Boy – Examples

If the gender reveals showed everything blue, these messages might come in handy:

  • “Get ready for toys in all shapes and sizes and lots and lots of surprises.”
  • “Our precious, handsome little boy is on the way. Can’t wait to hold you, little one.”
  • “Our little prince will be one spoilt brat.”
  • “Oh boy, oh boy! Can’t wait to meet you!”
  • “Little boy, we hope you have your dad’s cool looks and your mom’s fierce personality.”

Meaningful Messages and Wishes – Examples

Got a nice book as a baby shower present with a lesson? Use that as an inspiration to write your message.

Read the book and sum it up with a nice message at the end. It won’t just be thoughtful but also meaningful for the children, especially when they’re old enough to read and understand it.

  • “Dear little one, just like the little boy in this storybook, I wish you are always courageous, hopeful, and brave and you get all the love and laughter in this lifetime. You are precious.”
  • “Just like the main character in this book, I can vouch for a tremendous journey for you. Can’t wait to watch you blossom into a majestic, beautiful human being. I pray that you cherish every step along the way and make wonderful stories of your own to inspire others.”
  • “I will support you when you hunt for diamonds, gold, and rubies. But I will always be around to tell you that family and friends are the real treasures of life. May you always be rich with these treasures and more, and your life always be filled with love and laughter. “

What Should You Write in a Book for Baby Shower – Inspiration You Need

Still confused? Don’t be because we’re about to share some more secrets of writing the best baby shower book message for the little one you can’t wait to meet.

The Personal Touch

As mentioned earlier, reminiscing over the memories and bonds you share with the parents-to-be can be the ultimate inspiration you need to add an emotional touch to your message.

Make this important inscription about the love and bond you share, saying or inside jokes that only you can identify. Personalize the message by saying the importance of the parents in your life and how you expect it to improve with the new baby.

Refer to the Famous Quotes

Famous quotes from writers can also save the day. If you’re fond of a quote with an inspiring message, feel free to add it word for word for the baby. Make sure it is child-appropriate, sentimental, loving, and perfectly gets the message through.

Make it Authentic

A heartfelt note will always stay true and authentic and have its special place in the parent’s and the child’s hearts. Whatever you write should authentically come from you. It should give a peek into your relationship with the family, which will always be appreciated and remembered.

Creative Messages Ideas for the Baby for the Baby Shower Book

Make the right contribution to the baby’s first-ever library by getting the right books as a baby shower present. Now personalize it with the right inscription and make it personal.

To further help you come up with innovative ideas, here are some more creative examples of what to write in a baby book. 

Personal Inscriptions

When personalizing the inscription, make sure you take into account what the parents might like the most. You can pick any of the following messages and personalize it with the names, dates, and a touch of emotion:

  • “A baby brings a new meaning to one’s life. Cherish this rewarding experience that never feels old.” (message for the parents)
  • “May you write your own stories of adventure and inspiration,”
  • “Say goodbye to your sleep, but hello to the most beautiful feeling in the world, i.e., motherhood.” (message to the mom)
  • “I pray the little one has your amazing looks and intelligence. You are an awesome dad.” (message for dad)
  • “Can’t wait to spend the most memorable, magical moments of our lives with you.”
  • “Welcome to endless kisses, cuddles, and unconditional love.”

Literary Quotes

Here are some more literary quotes to inspire you:

  • “Always be the truest version of yourself. There’s nothing more charming than your own authentic identity.” ~Unknown 
  • “The night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonders that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered: life will never be the same.” ~Nancy Tillman
  • “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can – And my dear you will!” ~Watty Piper 

What to Write in a Book for a Baby Shower – Where to Write the Message

Ready to write that special message for a little baby you’re desperate to meet?

It’s not just the words that make a difference but how you incorporate it as a part of your thoughtful baby shower gift that truly makes an impact. The top spot to write your message is inside the book’s cover. These first blank pages have ample space to add a message for the parents and several for the kids.

Use colorful pens to make handwritten notes more fun and exciting for the child.

If you’ve picked a board book, there may not be any blank space inside, so you can always use sticky notes and place them at the back of the book to add your message.

Feel free to make it more appealing and artfully rich with cute illustrations. Don’t forget to mention the baby’s name, date, and your name at the end to create an unforgettable memory.