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It’s every author’s dream to etch their name in the literary hall of fame and make it onto the bestsellers list. We’re here to tell you that your dream is just a few steps away from turning into reality. With thousands of books to compete against for the spot, we don’t just offer great ghost writing services, we offer writing services par excellence! No matter the obstacles standing in your way, our team of skilled ghost writers is equipped to deal with it all!


The Only Thing Standing Between You and Your Career as an Author Is the Right Ghostwriting Company

If you think you’re the only writer with an idea that’s not panning out or an unfinished manuscript, welcome to the club! Think of any bestseller, and trust us when we tell you they’ve been there too. It’s all real: writer’s block, burn-out, time crunch, exhaustion, or even basic procrastination—but none of it should be the reason you don’t accomplish your goals. Your ideas need to be out there for the world to read, and the right ebook ghostwriter can translate your thoughts into page-turners!

  • Work with experienced writers
  • Retain complete control of your book
  • Get nominated for literary awards
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With more than a decade’s worth of experience, we have worked with all types of authors on all sorts of projects. This means that we are equipped to take on the most challenging projects!



We aspire to help our clients produce literary masterpieces worthy of recognition and laurels. After facilitating hundreds of customers to do the same, we want to keep growing in numbers!



The author in you needs recognition and help, and we aspire to provide it. eBooks are fast taking the literary world by storm and we want to be the ones who help bring it to the top.

Why pick The Ghostwriting Services?

Before we really get into the fine print of all the benefits we offer, here’s what we’re known for: offering affordable ghostwriting services without compromising on quality. So, throw out the perception that the quality of your book is quantifiable. Our ghost writers for hire are industry veterans who have worked with countless published authors. With separate writing teams specializing in different genres and skilled editing and QA teams overlooking them, we ensure that your work passes multiple checks before it gets to your readers! At The Ghostwriting Services, we’re all about our unwavering dedication to creating literary masterpieces.


Indepth Research

Whether fact or fiction, well-researched books always tie in every detail to the next and mesmerize their readers with the attention-to-detail they offer. Our writers have been responsible for helping many writers make it to the literary hall of fame. Opting for our eBook ghostwriting service ensures that your work makes the coveted list of such must-haves!


One-stop shop

Whether you want to hire a writer for a book idea you’ve only just conceived, an editor to spruce up your already-existing manuscript, a publisher to get your book onto the proverbial shelf, or a book marketer to get it off it—and into the hands of your reader—we do it all! Whether you’re a first-time author or are already-published, we have it all for you.


Bespoke plans

There’s no one-size-fits-all to how much a book project costs, and we’re here to make sure that you get the best deal—the one curated just for you. Instead of offering standardized packages that don’t consider your project requirements, we create flexible payment plans that ensure none of your needs are overlooked while still offering you the best prices!



Your intellectual property is your greatest asset as an author, and nobody understands that better than our team at The Ghostwriting Services. To ensure that your ideas are protected, we sign non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements with all our clients and implement in-house data security measures to avoid leaks. Your work is safe with us!

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We’re More Than Just a Ghostwriting Company

Our expertise lies in taking ideas to fruition. We offer a whole deck of services that include, but are not limited to, ghostwriting.

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At The Ghostwriting Services, our team is your team!

Do you see published works and wish you, too, had the time to write, edit and analyze a manuscript before publishing it? That’s too many things to do, especially if writing isn’t your full-time profession—and you’re not wrong! While you may not know it, it takes a village to put out a book that has the potential to become a bestseller. And while you can go out, profile and try to get a team together yourself, it will take a lot of time and effort!

At The Ghostwriting Services, we have experienced professionals who will work alongside you to make sure your book is flawless and worthy of fame and accolades! We can match you up with the best writers, editors, QA specialists, illustrators and publishers in the industry from our team of more than 500! No matter which stage of writing you’re stuck at, we can help you put together a team that will be just as dedicated to your project as you are!

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Are you Looking for a Professional Ghost Writer?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Our expert ghost writers are skilled at taking anything from scattered thoughts to raw manuscripts and turning them into ready-to-publish literary art pieces!

Our 4-Step Process for Your Ghost Writing Book Project

Signing on for our eBook ghostwriting services is the beginning of a smooth journey that ends with you being a published author! We assign milestones along the way so you can track your progress as you go.

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Creating a project scope

The first step is creating a project scope for your book so you are on the same page as our team. This outline serves as a skeleton to guide our writing team.

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Chapter-wise writing

Once we begin the ghostwriting process, we make chapter-wise deliveries to ensure we get your feedback on every aspect of the chapter before we continue on.

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Proofreading and formatting

Upon the completion of the book, our expert proofreaders thoroughly revise the content before assigning it to the formatting team to get your book publish-ready!

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With the final file approved by you and vetted by us, it’s published onto the desired platforms—Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, etc.—ready to generate sales!

We don’t just talk the talk; we have our experience to prove it

We have offered our premium ghost writing services to various published authors over the years. Browse our portfolio so you can see our merit for yourself.

Services offered by our Ghostwriting Company

Audio Book

Why Choose Us?

Each platform, including Amazon, has set its own eligibility criteria to approve books for publishing, and trying to keep track of it all can be confusing and time-consuming for any author, new or old. For our team, working on a long list of publishing requirements is just another Tuesday. Through our streamlined process, we ensure that your manuscript is all set to receive the attention it deserves.

Should you opt for our services, we will use our expertise and experience to edit and format your manuscript to look perfect when it goes to print. We take pride in our work's quality and stand behind everything we do. We offer:

  • Industry-standard formatting
  • Creative book covers
  • Multi-platform publishing

Having trouble with book sales? Let us help you reach your target market!

Many first-time authors often overlook book marketing, which could be a make-or-break move for you! Like any other product, your book might need a little help getting into the right hands too. Our book marketing team at The Ghostwriting Services is known for devising out-of-the-box marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to up your sales!

Need someone to help refine your manuscript? Hire an editor!

There’s a thin line between excellence and mediocrity, and you can stay on the right side of it by providing attention to detail. Sometimes all it takes is an expert eye to spot the missing element that can take your work from the shelf to becoming an award-winning book.

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You will have the option to communicate directly with your writer during the writing process. You can easily reach your writer via email or phone using the Contact Us page on our website.

Absolutely! Many of our clients come back to us again and again because they love the quality of our ghostwritten books.

Yes. We offer a free sample edit with every order so you can ensure that we're the right fit for you before you commit to purchasing anything.

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Well, look no further. Our writers have the ability to capture your authentic voice without losing their creative knack.